Mobile Excellence Award for Burger & Sauce

Burger & Sauce website design hopes to dominate the mobile market with their award-winning site.

Burger & Sauce has been awarded a Mobile Excellence Award for achieving 70 out of 100 points during an evaluation process by awarding committees, who take into account work that puts users first while merging great design with pure performance in order to raise standards of web sites on mobiles so people can have top notch service anywhere they go. Learn more about criteria and how it was evaluated here!

Burger & Sauce is a mobile-friendly website that was created by Paperock Creative. The site features an easy navigation, large images and engaging content to keep viewers engaged while browsing on their phones or tablets.

Burger & Sauce has been awarded the Mobile Excellence Badge for achieving a minimum score of 70/100, because it achieves excellence in terms of functionality as well as appealing visuals for users with all different types of devices - including but not limited to desktops, laptops, smart TVs and smartphones/tablets alike!

With its clean design and minimalistic approach, Burger & Sauce's website is a great example of what can be achieved with little effort. The site has been awarded the Mobile Excellence Badge for achieving an excellent score on smaller screens as well as being visually appealing to users across different types of devices.

What’s it all about? The Mobile Excellence Award will celebrate great mobile-focused designs while also boosting performance by bridging typical beautiful user interfaces with quick loading times across more device types than ever before imaginable thanks to new technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 which provide support from traditional desktop browsers down through phones like iPhones or Androids alike. Learn more about the website report.

Visit the Burger & Sauce website for some of the most creative and innovative website design.

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