A New Start for 2018

New Start for Paperock Creative, the small digital agency in Birmingham that has never been afraid to try something new is expanding their operations into a brand-new office building.

It's a new year and with it, comes an opportunity to start fresh. With the holidays come behind us and our schedules back in order, now is the perfect time for each of us to make resolutions that will not only help ourselves but also those around us.

Every New Year brings about exciting prospects as well as opportunities for self-improvement. This year we can use this happy occasion by resolving on things like healthy eating habits or even taking up a new hobby! It’s never too late – your resolution should be tailored specifically towards you so get creative!!

Martin Granner
I have 18 years of experience within the creative and artwork industry. In my spare time you’ll usually find me with my laptop developing my digital skills and learning about all the latest software.