Maintenance Plans

Wordpress Websites
Prices Excl. VAT
WP Core Updates
Plugins Updates
Themes Updates
Update Reporting
SSL Support
SMTP Email Support
Basic Support
Wordpress Core, Plugin & Theme Updates £79.99 /mo
Pro Secure
High Security
Prices Excl. VAT
Includes Business Plan
Pro Security
CDN Management
27/4 Uptime Monitoring
Downtime Alerts
Daily Backups
Malware Support
Malware Removal
Health Reporting
Server Optimisations
Security & Hack Prevention £199.99 /mo
High Performance
Prices Excl. VAT
Includes Pro Secure Plan
Image Optimisation
Site Speed Optimisation
Performance Monitoring
Urgent/Emergency Support
Advanced Plugin Installations,
Setup & Management
Content Management
(2 hours per/mo)
High Performing Websites £249.99 /mo
Dedicated Care
Prices Excl. VAT
Includes Performance Plan
Website Restoration
 Premium Security
Backup Support
Video Tutorials
Malware Support
Malware Removal
Technical Support
Hacking Prevention
Advanced Plugin Support
Bug Fixes
Dedicated Support
Content Management
(3 hours per/mo)
Premium Wordpress Management £299.99 /mo
Design Gold
Expanding Websites
Prices Excl. VAT
Includes Premium Plan
Support for Advanced Functionality
Support for WooCommerce &
Woo Plugin Updates
Wordpress Optimisations
Weekly Updates
Design Retainer
(6 hours per/mo)
Content Management
(2 hours per/mo)
Post Creator 
(3-4 Posts)

For high-traffic and performing websites that demand extra critical care and regular content changes £424.99 /mo